How are post-judgment modifications made?

Post judgment modifications can be done for a number of reasons. This means that the terms of your divorce can change. These terms include the marital issues that were decided on at the time of the divorce. These marital issues may include child custody arrangements, child support and alimony. With these marital issues, there should be room for changes since circumstances can arise in the future that warrant a need for a modification to the original agreement. If spouses see the need for a change to their original agreement, they can file a motion with the court to bring the case to litigation. This may be able to provide a solution to ensure that the changing circumstances have been met. Modifications may be able to better suit the changing lifestyle of the former spouses. Although there may be many different reasons for a change, all aspects should be considered to make the best decision.

Can my spouse be penalized for failing to follow custody orders?

If you are in a position where your former spouse is not following through with the stated child custody arrangement, you can hold them accountable. You may file a motion to bring them to court. In court, you can present your case and explain the reasoning for the motion. Since custody arrangements are court orders, your spouse may be held in contempt of court. By failing to follow a court-mandated agreement that is legally binding, they may be penalized. This can jeopardize their custody of the children.

The child’s well-being is always the first factor when it comes to child custody cases. Judges will always try to rule with the child’s best interest in mind. They can consider many factors, including the parents’ lives. If a parent has proven to be an unfit parent, the judge may not grant them with custody rights or may take custody rights away if this is realized later on. Custody arrangements can be hard on children. It is important to monitor their behavior. If their behavior changes and becomes negative, such as aggressive, you should consider why and look into it. If you believe it is due to their time with their other parent, you may have a case for a modification to the custody arrangement.

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