Is mediation quicker than litigation?

Once divorce papers are filed, it decides how the divorce should be done. If the divorce is contested, it may require litigation to decide how marital issues should be handled. If an uncontested divorce is to occur, it can be done through mediation. Mediation sessions are when couples meet with a neutral third party to discuss marital issues and how they can be resolved. This can give them the opportunity to decide for themselves. Through this process, spouses can take as long as they need to decide on issues. This may take them only a few sessions. However, it can vary case by case depending on the couple and the martial issues that need to be resolved. If no children are involved in the marriage, there may be fewer marital issues to decide on. Litigation can be time-consuming. Couples may experience a nasty divorce if they are involved in court sessions. This can also make their divorce more public.

What are benefits of mediation?

The process of mediation can be very beneficial for some couples. Although it can be beneficial, it may prove to be difficult for couples to cooperate with one another. Mediation is not for everyone due to this reason. Spouses have to talk to one another and be open with one another to come to real conclusions. They can maintain an amicable relationship if they are able to be open with one another and work through their issues together. If they have children together, this can be beneficial for the sake of the children. The parents can be more inclined to carry out a working relationship with one another as they parent their children together after their divorce. Since mediation is private, it can keep the issues of the couple between them instead of in a public court room.

Mediation can be less costly than litigation since it may be less time-consuming. Through these sessions, couples can have more of an opportunity for an amicable divorce. This may ease their stress during the divorce process. Since divorce can be a difficult process to undergo, any way to ease an individual’s stress can be beneficial for their well-being.

Can I end mediation?

If mediation is proving to be ineffective, couples have the option of ending mediation at any time. If a spouse is not able to have their voice heard, they may wish to end their sessions if they cannot reach any compromises. Mediation is at the discretion of the spouses involved.

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