Massachusetts Divorce Options Lawyers in Mansfield, MA | Bristol County

Contested Divorce Lawyers

A contested divorce is simply one where you don’t have an agreement at the outset of the filing for the divorce.  The most common ground for filing for a divorce is irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.  Generally, fault grounds are not used even in what is called a contested divorce. — LEARN MORE

Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

In order to get a divorce which is uncontested, one has to file a joint petition for divorce.  Along with the joint petition for divorce you have to file other documents.  The primary other documents include a separation agreement, a financial statement of each party, an affidavit that your marriage is irretrievably broken down, a statistical form, your marriage certificate as well as a request that there be a hearing. — LEARN MORE

Mediated Divorce Lawyers

Mediation is gaining popularity.  In my estimation based on my experience, over the last 7-8 years in Massachusetts it has become more and more common. I became certified as a mediator in the early 90′s and have been doing it consistently since then.  Mediation is suitable for some cases but not all cases.  There are advantages and disadvantages to mediation. — LEARN MORE

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