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We have made a great step forward with the $ to be clawed back in the calculation of assets. I am confident that our resilience will earn us some or full justice. Thank you so much Cynthia. You are the best attorney ever!

Wow, Cynthia, you never cease to amaze me. My father is smiling right now. Thank you for everything you do. Stay well, I appreciate your great work today. I am fully satisfied regardless of the outcome. Thank you again very much.

Thank you for your help! Your kindness, knowledge, and humor is making this easier.

I just want to take this time to thank you again for everything... you have no idea how much I appreciate it!!

I hired Attorney Cynthia Hanley for my divorce because I felt she had the experience in helping me out of my lengthy 28 year marriage. She is highly skilled at listening and at knowing the law procedure while took the time to understand my needs. She is articulate and remains focused, I felt I could trust her handling my case. It was a difficult one, my husband was not willing to cooperate. She returned all my phone calls, and answered all my questions. I always felt that we were on the same page. I got the support I needed and the entire office was compassionate and professional.

Mary Ann

Cynthia helped me through a very tuff experience. She was very knowledgeable and helpful in all areas and kept me informed on everything necessary during the process. Cynthia was my advocate in dealing with a contempt case. She was there for me to represent me and stand up for me when I was unable to stand up for myself. I would recommend Cynthia to represent anyone who needs help with growing a backbone. Trusting your inner gut when hiring an attorney....


I have recommended Cynthia Hanley to several people who have needed help with marital issues. During my divorce process, she was extremely effective, efficient, direct and helpful on many levels. She took me from a very confused and stressed out state to a full understanding of the issues and a satisfying settlement. She was clearly focused on having a broad view of my family situation, while having the legal expertise to execute at a very detailed level. I felt very secure in her hands and highly recommend her.


I found Cynthia through a friend. When I called and made my first appointment, I was scared and had no idea what to do. The girl that answered the telephone put me at ease, and I was given an appointment very quickly. My first meeting with Cynthia was just questions about my life, why I had to do this and her biggest concern "was I safe". She guided me through the whole process. Cynthia was there with me from day one~~in the court room she was my advocate and I felt safe for the first time in a long time. I think back to last year and all the turmoil, and now, where I am today. I know none of it would have happened without Cynthia, my lawyer, and her staff. Thank you, Cynthia.


Cynthia was recommended to me by my parent's estate attorney. Divorce is never an easy thing on any level and I must admit that being a male, I was rather nervous with female representation. But, I found Cynthia to be kind, understanding, professional and most of all my biggest champion!! Along this difficult road, I felt that Cynthia always had my back. Not only was she a fierce advocate on my behalf but she was very approachable and patient with my numerous questions and concerns. Her responses were always prompt - whether it be by phone or e mail. She was never condescending or rude. Thank you, Cynthia for helping me get my life back in order!


Attorney Hanley Is a true attorney unlike many other attorneys. I have been divorced for over 17 years and my X still tries to get more money from me. During these 17 years Attorney Hanley has always been available to ask questions and get advice. She is a true Attorney who really cares about your best interest.


Just finished an exhausting 8-month divorce process and cannot thank Cynthia and Andrea enough. They were honest, fair, and quick to respond to my many questions. When this process started, I had zero clue on what to expect. Cynthia was very patient with me and made sure I knew what to expect and eased my many worries. Andrea came in at the tail end of my case and was able to jump right in to expertly bring a close to this insanely difficult chapter of my life. To Cynthia, Andrea, Susan, and Kathy, thank you very much from me and my child. We can finally start to move on.


Cynthia represented me in a modification of an out-of-state decree in 2001, when my children were ages 8 and 10. Cynthia's experience and ability to foresee potentially difficult situations turned out to be vitally important to our ultimate wellbeing in the coming years. Whenever I have needed to contact her with questions from time to time as my children became older, she has always promptly returned my calls, and has consistently demonstrated the utmost professionalism over the years. I highly recommend her with a deep sense of gratitude for her services.


I am a single father with no legal experience. After my wife went to prison, I moved on with my life. I did see a lawyer before going to see Cynthia. He told me fathers don't usually get custody of the children and my daughter will go back to her mother. I could not let that happen. Cynthia went above and exceeded any family lawyer. Cynthia and her professional staff, Susan and Kathy. Constantly took all my phone calls and emails, always made sure I knew and understood what was going on. My divorce went on for 2 years, over 15 motions. My Ex-wife went through 3 attorneys and the battling was endless. She was never going to admit she was wrong or told what to do. Cynthia never gave up on this case. She even called me over a holiday weekend to give me a verdict, on having my girlfriend removed from the residence so I could rest a little easier after another long court battle from the week. I call that dedication. Without the help and the strength of Cynthia pushing forward, I would have not won everything I needed to keep my daughter safe. Thankfully we have full physical custody and a strict visitation schedule. Cynthia is guided by the understanding that each client and father’s legal needs are as unique as the child and family. My divorce is over and Cynthia is still filing motions in between cases, and meeting me at the court house. When it comes to negotiating the child custody and visitation rights you need a strong-willed attorney. You will get that from this office.


I had an excellent experience with Attorney Hanley. She was very experienced, professional, punctual, and most importantly, personable. Every time we met to go over the divorce proceedings she was very easy to work with. I was in a difficult situation, where my ex-wife was not only filing for a divorce, but also trying to issue unwarranted restraining orders against me, which did nothing but hurt our children. Cynthia saw that the courts did away with these allegations and ultimately got me my fair share of things in the divorce. I am now carrying on in a very positive manner and am pleased with the results of the custody, parenting time, and proper amount of child support. My ex-wife put me in a very difficult position when everything went down. I could do nothing, but fear the worst. Lots of sleep was lost! Cynthia truly helped me through a difficult time in a very smooth and compassionate manner. She is a veteran of her field, knows how to handle bad situations and make good of them. Most importantly she thoroughly knows the law. I put my trust in her when any situations do arise in which I need some advice. Money well spent. :)


Very knowledgeable, straight forward and HIGHLY recommended - always has the best interest of her client at her forefront. Her staff assisting her is very helpful and always willing to step in if Attorney Hanley is not immediately available.