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Divorce Attorneys Mansfield, Massachusetts | Bristol County | Law Offices of Cynthia Hanley, P.C.

At the Law Offices of Cynthia L. Hanley, P.C., we provide effective legal representation in Bristol, Norfolk, Plymouth, Worcester and Middlesex County. We pride ourselves on providing experienced and strong representation for all divorce and family law matters, including alimony, the division of assets, child custody, and child support, just to name a few.

Divorce can be complicated and emotional. It is important to pick an attorney that can ease your stress while representing your needs and rights. Our firm also handles estate and probate matters, including drafting wills, healthcare proxies and power of attorney as well as guiding administrators as they take on the responsibility of settling an estate and litigating matters for those who are impacted by an invalid will or other estate administration matter.

About The Law Offices of Cynthia L. Hanley, P.C.

Our firm is passionate about the law. Founded on the principle of providing clients with the attentive, zealous, and effective legal services, we are there when it matters. We understand the stress one must feel when facing an uncertain future. Donโ€™t go it alone. Contact the legal representation you need. Contact The Law Offices of Cynthia L. Hanley, P.C.

Getting Divorced in Massachusetts

If you want to get divorced in Massachusetts, there are a few things you should understand. The core divorce issues that most couples address are the division of assets and debts, alimony, child custody and child support. The Law Offices of Cynthia L. Hanley, P.C. can help you navigate these issues, working to achieve the best possible outcome. To get a divorce, you have options. A person can get a contested or uncontested divorce. To get an uncontested divorce, the couple may have to engage in alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation or collaborative law. If you wish to avoid litigation, our firm is here to help. If you need to litigate your matter, our firm can guide you through the process and help you make informed decisions that protect your rights and future.

Mediation services

If you and your spouse believe that you can come together to negotiate the terms of your divorce, mediation is an alternative to litigation, saving time, money, and the emotional turmoil of a court battle. Not only do the individuals benefit from this alternative dispute method, mediation mitigates the impact to the family, modeling healthy dispute resolution and forging a cooperative parental relationship for the road ahead. To understand more about mediation or to retain the service of an experienced mediator, contact The Law Offices of Cynthia L. Hanley, P.C.

Contested Divorce Lawyers

A contested divorce is simply one where you donโ€™t have an agreement at the outset of the filing for the divorce. A divorce can be contested on the grounds cited and the marital issues that are unresolved. Most people use no-fault divorce grounds to avoid problems before the real issues are addressed. If marital issues are contested, the couple could find themselves in court. โ€“ LEARN MORE

Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

An uncontested divorce in Massachusetts is when both parties agree to terms related to both grounds and marital issues. This is also known as a โ€œ1Aโ€ divorce. Most people who want an uncontested divorce will go through a โ€œ1Aโ€ divorce, citing no-fault grounds and agreeing to marital issues through alternative dispute resolution, including mediation. โ€“ LEARN MORE

Mediated Divorce Lawyers

Mediation is probably the most utilized method of divorce in Massachusetts. As more and more people realize the effects of a court case, both emotionally and financially, mediation services have exponentially grown in popularity. When couples mediate their divorce, they are often happier with the result, save time and money, and mitigate the impact on the family. โ€“ LEARN MORE

Wills and Probate Administration Attorneys

Estate planning is one of the most important steps one can take to prepare their estate for the future. Our compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys are ready to guide you through decisions that allow you to declare your wishes for your estate. If you are a beneficiary or have been chosen to act as an administrator of the site, our firm is ready to represent your legal needs. โ€” LEARN MORE

Client Testimonials

I just want to take this time to thank you again for everything... you have no idea how much I appreciate it!!

I hired Attorney Cynthia Hanley for my divorce because I felt she had the experience in helping me out of my lengthy 28 year marriage. She is highly skilled at listening and at knowing the law procedure while took the time to understand my needs. She is articulate and remains focused, I felt I could trust her handling my case. It was a difficult one, my husband was not willing to cooperate. She returned all my phone calls, and answered all my questions. I always felt that we were on the same page. I got the support I needed and the entire office was compassionate and professional.

Mary Ann

I have recommended Cynthia Hanley to several people who have needed help with marital issues. During my divorce process, she was extremely effective, efficient, direct and helpful on many levels. She took me from a very confused and stressed out state to a full understanding of the issues and a satisfying settlement. She was clearly focused on having a broad view of my family situation, while having the legal expertise to execute at a very detailed level. I felt very secure in her hands and highly recommend her.


I found Cynthia through a friend. When I called and made my first appointment, I was scared and had no idea what to do. The girl that answered the telephone put me at ease, and I was given an appointment very quickly. My first meeting with Cynthia was just questions about my life, why I had to do this and her biggest concern "was I safe". She guided me through the whole process. Cynthia was there with me from day one~~in the court room she was my advocate and I felt safe for the first time in a long time. I think back to last year and all the turmoil, and now, where I am today. I know none of it would have happened without Cynthia, my lawyer, and her staff. Thank you, Cynthia.


Cynthia was recommended to me by my parent's estate attorney. Divorce is never an easy thing on any level and I must admit that being a male, I was rather nervous with female representation. But, I found Cynthia to be kind, understanding, professional and most of all my biggest champion!! Along this difficult road, I felt that Cynthia always had my back. Not only was she a fierce advocate on my behalf but she was very approachable and patient with my numerous questions and concerns. Her responses were always prompt - whether it be by phone or e mail. She was never condescending or rude. Thank you, Cynthia for helping me get my life back in order!


Just finished an exhausting 8-month divorce process and cannot thank Cynthia and Andrea enough. They were honest, fair, and quick to respond to my many questions. When this process started, I had zero clue on what to expect. Cynthia was very patient with me and made sure I knew what to expect and eased my many worries. Andrea came in at the tail end of my case and was able to jump right in to expertly bring a close to this insanely difficult chapter of my life. To Cynthia, Andrea, Susan, and Kathy, thank you very much from me and my child. We can finally start to move on.


Cynthia represented me in a modification of an out-of-state decree in 2001, when my children were ages 8 and 10. Cynthia's experience and ability to foresee potentially difficult situations turned out to be vitally important to our ultimate wellbeing in the coming years. Whenever I have needed to contact her with questions from time to time as my children became older, she has always promptly returned my calls, and has consistently demonstrated the utmost professionalism over the years. I highly recommend her with a deep sense of gratitude for her services.


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