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Estate planning and administration cover a wide range of topics. Estate planning is an important step in anyone’s life. Whether you are a person of means or live a modest life, you probably have possessions that you wish to pass along to certain people and other wishes for your estate. Once completed, it is important to think about the administration of your estate. You and the people you choose to carry out your wishes have a lot to consider. Throughout the process, it is important to have quality, knowledgeable legal advice and guidance every step of the way. For over 30 years, The Law Offices of Cynthia L. Hanley, P.C. has provided effective and experienced legal services for those preparing for the future and those who were chosen to carry out a loved one’s wishes. If you are interested in developing a comprehensive estate plan that meets your unique needs, contact our firm. If you have been named the executor, administrator, or personal representative of the estate of a loved one, you want a lawyer in Mansfield, MA who will provide compassionate, yet strong and assertive guidance throughout the probate process until the estate is settled. If legal action must be taken, our firm will fight for the rights of beneficiaries and the integrity of the estate. Contact The Law Offices of Cynthia L. Hanley, P.C. for a consultation to discuss your legal matter.

Estate planning

Developing an estate plan is important for everyone. No matter the lifestyle, it is important for the testator and their family to prepare for the future. Below are just some of the ways you can prepare an estate, relieving yourself and your family from the stress of not knowing what will happen when you pass.

  • Wills: Through the execution of a will, you can declare your wishes for your estate. To execute a will in Massachusetts, there are certain requirements that must be satisfied to ensure that this testamentary document is valid, including the need to be of sound mind and body, the need to declare that, the need to have two people witness the signing, and the need for them to sign the will, declaring that they witnessed the will-signing.
  • Trusts: A trust is a way to pass assets outside of probate. This is beneficial for two main reasons. A trust can pass assets to people quicker because it avoids Surrogate’s Court. Secondly, a trust has notable tax benefits, meaning that, through a trust, an estate can help beneficiaries save on taxes that would normally be fixed on an asset. There are numerous choices of trusts and the terms of each trust. Each comes with specific purposes and tax implications.
  • Health Care Proxy: When planning for the future, it is a good idea to declare your wishes for how you want to be cared for at the end of life. Through a Massachusetts Health Care Proxy, you can share your end-of-life care directions and choose someone to act as your representative when you cannot act for yourself. These decisions can help you retain control over your wishes for life support, organ donation, or anything else you deem important.

Estate Administration

The administration of an estate can be a major undertaking. If you are chosen to be a personal representative of an estate, you have a significant obligation and you need quality legal support along the way. Estate administration is a complicated process, including bringing a will to probate, preparing an inventory of assets, obtaining valuations of property (if required), paying all outstanding debts of the estate, satisfying any tax obligations and distributing property in accordance with the terms of the will. Settling an estate deserves the attention of an experienced attorney. Contact our firm to provide guidance on the road ahead.

Estate Litigation

Estate litigation may be an option if you believe that your rights as a beneficiary are being violated. If you believe that a testamentary document, including a will or trust, are forged, invalid, or the product of undue influence, you may have the right to take legal action if you have a vested interest in the estate. To know more, contact our firm to discuss the validity of your case.

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For over 30 years, The Law Offices of Cynthia L. Hanley, P.C. has provided quality legal support for clients in Bristol County and all of Massachusetts. If you are ready to discuss estate planning, our firm is ready to guide you through developing a comprehensive estate plan that meets your specific needs. If you are chosen to carry out a loved one’s wishes, our estate administration services are available to help you through that significant responsibility. If you believe that your rights or the wishes of the testator are being violated, it may be your only option to take legal action. To know more about our firm or how we can represent your needs, contact The Law Offices of Cynthia L. Hanley, P.C. for a consultation.