Estate Administration in Massachusetts

When an individual is planning his or her estate in Massachusetts, they will be faced with choosing someone to administer the estate. It is important for the individual planning their estate to choose an administrator they can fully trust to carry out the wishes detailed in the estate plan. It is also important for the individual who is chosen to act as the administrator to have a full understanding of the duties they are agreeing to take on.

When an individual is chosen to carry out all of the wishes in a will, they are referred to as the executor of the estate. This aspect of estate administration is significant. Some of the many duties of an executor during the estate administration process include the following:

  • Gather and preserve assets
  • Bring the will to probate
  • Pay estate debts
  • File tax returns and estate taxes
  • Distribute assets to beneficiaries listed in the will
  • Handling any contested estate matters
  • Settling the estate
  • Carry out any other wishes that were detailed in the will

In some cases, individuals who are appointed the administrator of the estate will be compensated for their time. If the individual feels as though they cannot fulfill their duties, they may request that the court appoints a new representative.

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