What decides the role of custodial parent?

For child custody arrangements, physical and legal custody are granted to the parents to decide on the system that will be in place. These cases can be solved in court by a judge. However, if a couple is entering into an uncontested divorce, they may be able to create a plan for child custody arrangements together. Otherwise, the judge will consider many factors regarding the child’s well-being and the parents’ lives to decide what arrangement would be best for the child’s sake. The role of custodial parent is given to the spouse that is given physical custody of the child.

How does a custodial parent have more responsibility?

A custodial parent has the child residing with them most of the time. Depending on the arrangement that is made, the child may have consistent time with their other parent and may even be able to stay in their residence when they visit them. However, this can differ on a case by case situation depending on the judge’s decision or the role the parents intend to play in their child’s life. Since the custodial parent is given physical custody, they will be around the child more often and should ensure that they are looking out for the child’s best interests. They should monitor the child on a daily basis to ensure that they are happy and healthy.

How is child support decided?

Custodial parents spend a lot of money providing for their child since they are living with them. Due to this, their former spouse may have to pay them child support to financially support the child’s needs. Many aspects should be taken into account when deciding on child support. A judge will make sure that all factors are considered and that the child’s needs are put first when deciding child support.

Child support is separate from alimony, or spousal support. Payments for child support should be used toward the child’s needs. Whether it be for everyday items that they need or their education, it should not be abused. Alimony can be decided separately based on the length of the marriage between the spouses and other relating factors.

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