When Would I Need a Forensic Accountant?

Divorce can be difficult and complicated. Things can become especially complex when it comes to finances. There are some instances in which one may attempt to keep some assets hidden during a divorce. If you suspect your spouse of hiding assets or engaging in other unethical practices, you may want to hire a forensic accountant to look into it. This occurs most during high net worth divorces, but that is not the only time in which one would require the help of a forensic accountant. Read on for more information about forensic accountants, what they do, and how they can help you during your divorce.

What is a High Net Worth Divorce?

A high net worth divorce occurs when the divorcing couple has a combined net worth of $1 million or more. In this event, parties often feel like there is a lot at stake. One or both parties may attempt to hide assets in an attempt to pay less or receive more. Hiding assets is considered fraudulent behavior. If it is revealed that one is hiding assets, he or she will be reported to the IRS. In this event, an investigation may be prompted, creating a slew of legal trouble, on top of the impending divorce.

What Does a Forensic Accountant Do?

If you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets, you can enlist the help of a forensic accountant. A forensic accountant can determine a party’s true net worth. This can be done by scrutinizing business records, bank accounts, tax returns, and investment portfolios. Additionally, a forensic accountant can uncover unethical practices such as:

  • Creating fake debt
  • Padding payroll
  • Under-reporting income
  • Overpaying creditors
  • Transferring assets to dummy corporations
  • Purchasing expensive items with undeclared cash

That being said, forensic accountants can be useful in many other ways. For example, a forensic accountant can valuate tangible items, including art, jewelry, antiques, and collectibles.

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