Sole Custody Decisions in Massachusetts

When parents in Massachusetts have to face the difficult task of creating a custody arrangement, they may not be able to do so without the help of the court. Of course, a parent may be heartbroken to learn that they will not get to spend each day with their child like they once did. If the court has to make a decision on custody on behalf of the parents, they will assess a number of different factors to determine an appropriate custody arrangement. Sometimes, these factors lead the court to decide that one of the parents is “unfit” to parent and may ultimately award sole custody to the other parent.

Though most of the time the judge will try to award joint custody to allow the child to maintain a significant relationship with both of his or her parents, it is not always possible. Not all sole custody awards are granted because of the danger posed by one parent. Sometimes, such as in the case of a relocation, sole custody is the only option that is realistic and the other parent will be able to have visitation with the child. With that said, sole custody decisions are also made based on one parent’s issues of criminal history, domestic abuse, substance abuse, or other dangers that may be posed to the child.

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