Social Media Impacting Massachusetts Divorces

When a couple in Massachusetts is headed for divorce, it is important that they are careful about their social media presence. A lot of people tend to share significant events that happen in their personal lives on social media. During a divorce, however, it is best to keep quiet. When it comes to social media during divorce, here are a few important things that both spouses should be aware of:

  • Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want the judge to read in the courtroom
  • Remember that any digital post, email or text message can be used as evidence in the courtroom
  • Be aware that even if you delete something after it has been posted, it can be screenshotted by another party and saved as evidence
  • Don’t post about any legalities of the divorce
  • Make sure not to talk badly about your future ex on social media, especially if you are hoping to be granted custody
  • Don’t allow any pictures of yourself posted on your own or by friends that would paint you in a bad light to be on anyone’s social media profiles
  • If you are dating someone new, it is best to keep that quiet from social media until after the divorce is finalized
  • Remember that anything can be misinterpreted
  • Before the divorce proceedings, be sure to make all of your social media profiles private

These are just a few general rules that should be kept in mind when it comes time for the divorce. The bottom line is, think before you post. If you feel like it would be better to go on a social media hiatus until after the divorce, that may be the best thing you can do.

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