Divorce Rates Drop During Holiday Season

Of course, one of the most emotional and difficult things that a person and their family can go through is a divorce. However, in some cases, it is simply the best option so both spouses can go on to live a much happier life. Studies have shown that with the holiday season in full swing, divorce rates typically drop until after the holidays are over. This is also true in regards to summer vacations.

The reasoning for this is typically that the holiday season brings hope to many people and a sense of family and togetherness. In addition, for couples that have kids together, they may want to wait until after the holidays to give their children one last holiday with the family as they know it. As a result, divorce rates throughout the country have a tendency to spike to the highest levels in the month of March. The month with the second highest divorce filing rates take place in August, marking the end of summer vacations and when children are just about to go back to school. This is because the majority of families take their summer vacation in July so the parents will wait a little while afterwards to file.

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