What is so different about a collaborative divorce?

When a couple makes the decision that they no longer want to be married, they will have to sit down and decide what method of divorce is best for them. Some couples just want a judge to decide the contested matters of the divorce for them because it simply won’t work any other way. In other cases, the couple wants to work together to come to an amicable conclusion to any matters that are contested in the divorce. This option is known as alternative dispute resolution. One form of alternative dispute resolution in divorce is known as a collaborative divorce.

A collaborative divorce allows the couple to sit down with a team of neutral professionals as well as their respective attorneys and work through the issues at hand. Some of the contested matters that can be amicably resolved through collaborative divorce include spousal support, the division of assets, child custody, and child support. All parties involved will have to sign a Participation Agreement, which states that everyone is agreeing to work through the entire process. If the collaborative divorce process is not successful, each spouse will have to obtain a new attorney. The other neutral professionals that aid in a collaborative divorce includes a financial advisor, a child specialist, a collaborative coach, and any other professionals that the couple thinks should be present.

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