Why is mediation so popular?

When a couple is considering divorce because their marriage is simply no longer working, they will have to weigh the options regarding which type of divorce is most beneficial to them. There are options for divorce that can fit everyone’s situation because just like every marriage is different, every divorce is as well. Now more than ever, couples are opting for a method of divorce known as mediation, which is a process of alternative dispute resolution. Mediated divorces have a number of different benefits. A few of the reasons that mediated divorces are quite popular include the following:

  1. Mediated divorces allow the couple to avoid the courtroom. Each session for mediation will typically take place in a conference room setting.
  2. Mediation is often a more efficient option than litigated divorces are because the couple can go by their own schedule instead of having to wait around for a court date.
  3. Due to the fact that mediated divorces take less time and don’t involve the court, they are also often less expensive than litigated divorce.
  4. Divorce through mediation often allows the couple to make decisions for themselves about contested issues instead of having a judge decide for them.
  5. The couple often walks away with a more amicable relationship and better communication skills than they had before the divorce.

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