What Not to Do During a Divorce

Divorce is one of the most challenging processes a person can endure. Not only does divorce have an obvious emotional impact on both you and your children, but it also may carry serious financial implications as well. That being said, if your divorce falls into litigation and your assets are at stake, there are several things you must avoid doing at all costs to help ensure you keep your assets and attain divorce terms that best suit your needs. Here, we have provided a short list of actions you should avoid taking throughout the divorce process. Please read on to learn more:

  • Never post about your former spouse on social media, and never send your former spouse angry text messages or emails. All too often, individuals getting divorced let their emotions get the best of them. While this is totally understandable, and you may feel your former spouse deserves everyone to know what a jerk he or she is, venting about your ex on social media is almost never a good idea, and likewise for angry or nasty text messages, as these can absolutely be seen as threats and may negatively impact the terms of your divorce.
  • Do not post about making expensive purchases, or better yet, hold off on big-ticket items that are not necessities until your divorce is final. If you are someone who is fighting for child support or alimony payments, though you just posted a picture of your brand new Cadillac, it may, rather obviously, impact the court’s decision regarding whether you truly need the financial support. Generally, it is best to avoid social media altogether when filing for divorce. (P.S. Never post anything on social media about a new significant other while your divorce is still in the works, as you may be accused of having an affair, even if you started dating after you and your spouse split up.)
  • Failing to consider your financial situation before your divorce is finalized can be detrimental. This is why you must make a post-divorce budget before settling your case, understand the potential tax implications of your divorce settlement, and more. However, you must also never do anything shady, such as hiding money from your spouse, withdrawing significant amounts of money from your marital, or joint account, and more. Generally, if you think there’s a chance your actions may be interpreted as underhanded in court, you’re probably right. Always take the high road.
  • Never turn your kids against the other parent. Though it is tempting not to badmouth someone who you believe did you wrong, you are actually hurting your children more than anyone else. Again, always take the high road. When your children are old enough, they’ll realize the truth about your ex-spouse on their own.

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