What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Mediator?

mediated divorce

Divorce is inevitably a difficult time for anyone to go through. Traditional divorce litigation can cause the process to be prolonged and even more painful. Nowadays, many people turn to divorce mediators to handle the legal process. Are you considering hiring a divorce mediator for help in your divorce? Our Bristol County divorce mediators are here for you!

What is a divorce mediator?

A divorce mediator is an attorney or other professional who represents both parties in a divorce to reach an agreement. They don’t have to be an actual lawyer, but they must be knowledgeable and experienced in the legal intricacies of the divorce process. The mediator doesn’t pick sides and instead serves as a neutral specialist to guide spouses through the legal process, almost like an official middleman. A successful mediator has both extensive knowledge of law and experience conciliating opposing parties.

What are the differences between mediation and litigation?

Divorce litigation involves both divorcees having their own attorneys and essentially battling each other in court. It can be messy and hurtful both to the divorcees and their loved ones, especially if they have children. Meanwhile, mediation happens outside of the courtroom and is generally a quicker process than litigation. In the mediation process, the mediator reviews all documents and informs spouses of next steps. Both parties meet in the presence of the mediator to discuss an agreement, with the mediator only stepping in to answer questions or to keep the situation calm and respectful. When both parties finally agree, the mediator drafts an official divorce agreement for the spouses. The length of the process varies from case to case, but usually couples only require a few mediation sessions and just have to wait for the court to finalize their divorce. Mediation is also generally cheaper than litigation.

Is mediation right for me?

While mediation is highly beneficial when done correctly, it may not be the best route for everyone. Mediation may not work for divorces that involve complex financial arrangements. A successful mediation requires both spouses to be open and willing to compromise to reach a fair agreement. If one party is stubborn, or if one spouse is too afraid to express themselves without fear, then mediation cannot be successful. If you think mediation is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Cynthia L. Hanley, P.C. today for quality legal support.