Is Telephone Mediation the Answer to Child Custody Disputes During COVID-19?

COVID-19 has affected us all in several different ways. Unfortunately, one of the primary victims of the new coronavirus is divorced parents and their children. Stay-at-home orders make matters of child custody and parenting time quite confusing for parents, as their primary goal is keeping their children safe. Though the thought of simply ignoring your initial child custody agreement to protect your children may cross your mind, our firm would have to advise against this, as, historically speaking, this only results in an ultimate reduction of your child custody terms as courts seek to punish all those who violate them. Unfortunately, the law does not specifically address how child custody will be affected by a pandemic, and, as a result, we have seen a number of unique situations arise, such as:

  • One parent refusing to meet with the other parent to exchange the children out of fear that they may be passing on the virus.
  • One parent feeling they deserve more make-up time if the children stayed with the other parent for the duration of the pandemic.
  • Parents disagreeing on temporary child custody terms altogether.
  • One parent refusing to leave their child in a home with an immuno-compromised person.
  • One parent not wanting to leave their child with their ex because he/she is not following the CDC recommendations for social distancing, etc.
  • One parent not wanting to leave their child with their ex who is a nurse/doctor, or is someone who may be exposed to the virus.

As courtrooms close for all non-essential legal matters, our firm has made the decision to hold child custody mediation sessions over the phone. Our unbiased, compassionate, and knowledgeable Bristol County mediators will work with both you and your former spouse to reach a temporary child custody agreement that everyone can agree upon. If your child’s safety is your primary concern, we are ready to work with you to ensure you and your family are safe. We have never seen times like this before, however, we are confident that as long as we cooperate and work together, we will get through this. If you have any further questions regarding child custody mediation, give our Massachusetts family law firm a call today. We are ready to help you.

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