Mansfield Divorce Lawyer Discusses a Court Ordered Mediation vs. Private

Mansfield Divorce Lawyer Discusses a Court Ordered Mediation vs. Private

I was recently asked as a Mansfield Divorce Lawyer what the differences are between a court ordered mediation and a private mediation.  In Massachusetts there are a couple of different types of court ordered mediation. One is that occurs in the courthouse after you’ve attended court or you’re going to the court to litigate a disputed issue. Sometimes before you see the judge the judge will send you to family service and family service is in the same building as the courthouse and it’s a court person who’s worked in the court for a long time and generally knows all the issues that people confront when they’re divorcing. The judge will send people to family service if they feel like there’s only a couple of issues that are separating them or that they could benefit from the court family service office.

I advise clients as a Mansfield Divorce Lawyer that some of the counties in Massachusetts have now adopted a conciliation program, if you start the divorce off in a contested divorce the court might send you conciliation.  Conciliation is done by a volunteer lawyer – these are lawyers that volunteer for the court on an approved list – maintained by the court to meet with parties and their lawyers to hear both sides and come up with a recommendation to the court.

The recommendation that the conciliator makes is not binding on the court, the court still has the ultimate authority to make a decision but oftentimes it helps the parties to have a lawyer who is not their lawyer giving an opinion on how an issue should be disposed of.

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