Mansfield Divorce Attorney Explains How Mediation Helps Arguing Spouses

Mansfield Divorce Attorney Explains How Mediation Helps Arguing Spouses

I was recently asked as a Mansfield Divorce Attorney how mediation can help put a stop to arguing spouses.  Mediation can work for divorcing people no matter what stage they are in their relationship with each other. Oftentimes at the beginning of a divorce process people are upset, angry, betrayed, bringing the history of their marriage into a mediation setting, and as a Mansfield Divorce Attorney I generally redirect them to what the issue is at hand. The issues at hand would be resolving all their financial parenting disputes and coming up with an agreement that works for both parties.  In mediation, if one spouse appears to be extremely angry with the other, we might just take a timeout for a few minutes, as a Mansfield Divorce Attorney I might talk to that spouse individually to see what the concern is, and generally we can move beyond whatever the anger or hostility is between the spouses.

If you are your spouse are arguing during the divorce proceeding, contact our experienced Mansfield Divorce Attorneys to see if mediation can help you.

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