Does My Husband have to Leave Our Home if I File for Separation?

Does My Husband have to Leave Our Home if I File for Separation?


I bought a house, then 1 year later I got married, 1.5 years later I am contemplating divorce. I am the only one on the deed and mortgage. Equity is $5000 or even less depending on comps in the area. We do not have children together, but do have children living with us from our previous marriages. I am the breadwinner, and out earn him 2:1.


In Massachusetts parties do not need to be separated or living apart to file for divorce.¬† Also, in Massachusetts, title to property – here, the deed to your house – does not control its disposition in a divorce.¬† The Court has authority to transfer none, some or all of a party’s assets to the other to reach an equitable division of the assets and liabilities.¬† In a short-term marriage such as yours where you have little or no equity in the home, there is a strong likelihood that you would be able to retain it as part of the division of assets. Selling it with only $5,000.00 in equity would actually cost you and your husband money (since the proceeds from the sale would not cover the cost of the broker’s fee and other items).

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