Do Things I Buy for My Child Count Toward Child Support in MA?

As a parent, there is nothing more than providing your child with the support, both financially and emotionally, that he or she needs. If you do not have primary custody of your child, you likely are required, by law, to make regular child support payments to the supporting parent. That said, if you purchase things for your child outside of child support, such as clothes, food, and other things, you may wonder whether those purchases can count toward your child support payments. Please continue reading and reach out to our seasoned Mansfield child support attorney to learn whether things you buy your child can count as child support and how our legal team can help you and your family. Here are some of the questions you may have:

Do the items I buy for my child count toward my child support payments?

Let’s say you recently bought your child a nice new pair of sneakers, or even something more hobby-related, such as a video game. There’s nothing wrong with wondering whether you can deduct these purchases from your child support payment. Unfortunately, these purchases may not be subtracted from your child support payments. Basically, your child support agreement is a fixed agreement, and nothing can modify that agreement (unless you qualify for a post-judgment modification) however, only a significant and unforeseen change in circumstances may qualify for such a modification.

When am I allowed to stop making child support payments in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, most parents are allowed to stop making child support payments once their child reaches the age of emancipation (18 years old). That being said, there are other circumstances that may warrant an extension on or early termination of child support here in Massachusetts. For example, if a child is looking to attend higher education, child support may be extended until he or she reaches the age of 23. In other cases, if a child has special needs, it may also warrant a continuation of child support past the age of 18 so the child can continue to have access to the resources they need. That said, in other cases, a parent may request early termination of child support. For example, if a child becomes financially independent or joins the military, the parent may request termination of the support agreement. Additionally, if the parent paying child support has a costly medical emergency, for example, it may warrant a modification to child support payments. If you have any other questions about child support in MA or you believe you qualify for a modification, give us a call today.

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