Divorce Arbitration: What is it and What to Expect

What is Divorce Arbitration?

Divorce arbitration is a dispute resolution process to help parties in a divorce.  When divorcing couples reach an impasse in their divorce, they may decide to pursue arbitration to try and get out of the stalemate.  Arbitration is a beneficial alternative resolution process for couples who do not want to court.

What are some of the Benefits of Divorce Arbitration?

  • Divorcing couples can choose their Arbitrator;
  • Divorcing couples can choose an Arbitrator with specific experience that may align with one or more of their issues;
  • The parties can choose when to proceed with the arbitration hearing, i.e., choosing the date, time and location of the hearing;
  • Arbitration can offer privacy and confidentiality;
  • Arbitration can cost less for the divorcing couple; and
  • The arbitration process may take considerable less time than a traditional court divorce trial.

Will a Judge be present at my arbitration?

No.  An arbitrator heads the divorce arbitration.  The arbitrator should be a neutral party who is chosen by the parties and their respective attorneys.

What Happens in a Divorce Arbitration?

Prior to the mediation, the couples’ respective attorneys may present the arbitrator with the facts of the case.  The parties and the arbitrator will agree on a date to proceed with the arbitration.  The purpose of the arbitration is to help resolve the issues of the divorce without the expense of going to court.  Arbitrators can render decisions on the disputed issues and issue an award.  Different from a court trial, you may not be able to appeal an arbitrator’s decision.

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