How is child support decided?

For the beginning of their lives, children need to be taken care of by their parents. They need to be fed, clothed and loved. Throughout their childhood, children need the attention of their parents to ensure these needs are being met. As they grow older, they may not require as much care as they once did. They become more independent and can take on more on their own. However, children still need to be financially supported by their parents. They will not work until at least their teenage years. Even then, they will not have the funds to support themselves. When spouses get divorced, they are still entitled to provide for their children. If a child lives with one parent full-time, the parent may be entitled to more financial compensation in the form of child support. This should give them the funds to raise their child sufficiently.

The state of Massachusetts obligates parents to support their children. Before a court rules in favor of a Judgment of Divorce, the court will decide what child support will be provided. This can become a very controversial matter. In order to make sure you are getting the proper compensation or that you are not being taken advantage of, consult our legal professionals for help. We want to assist in giving you the best opportunity to provide for your child.

What are the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines?

Within these guidelines, the court outlines the expected child support care that is to be provided. It includes mitigating the economic impact of the child, promoting joint parental obligations according to income, meeting the child’s needs and standard of living, meeting the financial needs of parents who are on the lower income range, recognizing that having separate households shouldn’t impact the child’s quality of life, recognizing financial and nonfinancial contributions, maintaining consistency in the determination of child support across income levels, recognizing the importance of and cost of health insurance, allowing adjustments and minimizing problems of proof and streamline the court process.

By using these guidelines to decide the best interest of the child, the court will then decide on child support that they find to be fair and just. With this, they consider many factors. These factors can include the sources of income of each parent and their earning capacity. The decision can be based on the cost for child care, health insurance and child-related expenses. Also taken into account is the number of children and the arranged custody agreement.

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