Can I bring my attorney to divorce mediation?

For divorces, couples may have a difficult time deciding on important issues. Instead of entering into litigation, they have the option to undergo mediation. Through divorce mediation, the spouses can decide on issues together. During this process, they will need to cooperate in order to be productive. Mediation is not for everyone since it requires the cooperation of all parties involved to be successful. Otherwise, couples may have to enter into litigation to get important issues resolved.  

During divorce mediation, spouses meet with a neutral third party that serves as a mediator. They are permitted to bring their attorneys to mediation meetings. With an attorney present, you may be more inclined to speak your mind and have your needs accounted for.

What does mediation decide on?

Mediation is designed for couples to go through an amicable divorce. They can decide on issues such as child custody, child support, alimony and the division of assets. For these decisions, they may be more satisfied by going through mediation instead of having a judge make decisions in court. Spouses can decide in private and make compromises to appease each party’s needs.

How is it beneficial?

There may be many benefits to divorce mediation. By not contesting your divorce, you may not have to enter into litigation. Litigation can be time-consuming. Since you will have an attorney during these sessions, attorney fees can add up and make the process expensive. This can be a financial burden to you. Instead of having important decisions made by a judge in a public setting, you can speak through issues with your spouse. You may be able to reach more desirable outcomes during mediation since you can speak more openly. It may encourage you to be honest with your feelings during mediation so that you can be granted fair decisions.

Mediation can be a good way for parents to begin a new working relationship. Although they are getting a divorce, when children are involved, they will still be a part of each other’s lives. This can be difficult after going through a nasty divorce in court. By settling their differences in mediation, they may be able to maintain a healthy relationship that can set a good example for their children. This can help to ease the transition for children. Divorce is already difficult enough without the added drama that litigation may bring with it.

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