What age qualifies children as emancipated?

Parents that go through divorces also worry about their children during this time. They want to make sure the children do not feel involved in the situation. They want to ensure that the child has the support of both parents to carry on a healthy life. Parents do not want their children to become emotional over the divorce. They want it to go as smoothly as possible for the children involved. Since divorces include matters regarding the children, parents may become stressed about how to support children. During divorces involving children, child support and child custody arrangements will need to be decided on to support the well-being of the child. These marital issues can be solved in mediation or through court sessions where a judge makes the decisions.

Child support can be paid to the custodial parent that has more custody rights. If a parent has physical custody of a child, the child will reside with them in their home. This means that the child will spend more time there with that parent. Due to this, the custodial parent may spend more time and more money caring for the child. This may entitle them to receive child support payments from the other parent to help finance the child’s life. In Massachusetts, a child is considered emancipated at age 18, which is when child support payments can stop.

Are there exceptions to this end?

For child support cases, these are decided on a case by case basis to include the specifics of each case. If a child decides to attend a higher education system, child support may not end at the age of 18. Child support may continue to the age of 23. This can help to provide for the child while they are receiving an education and are unable to support themselves. This extension may be needed by the child to keep them afloat while they are still not participating in the working world. However, if a parent believes that a child is independent and should be emancipated, they can file a motion for the court to decide. This may deem that the child is emancipated, therefore, it may end child support.

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