What to Know About Alternative Methods of Divorce in Massachusetts

If you are getting divorced in Massachusetts, you may be wondering how to go about it. Luckily, there are a number of different ways to get divorced. Read on to learn more about alternative methods of divorce in Massachusetts.

Methods of Divorce in Massachusetts:

Many couples attempt to avoid litigation, as this can be a long, expensive, and public process. As a result, many are turning to:

Mediation: Mediation allows a couple to work through the matters of their divorce outside of the court, with the help of a neutral third party.

Arbitration: Similar to mediation, arbitration also involves a neutral third party helping the couple settle their divorce outside of court. While a mediator does not make any decisions for the couple, an arbitrator acts as a judge, making important decisions on the couple’s behalf.

Collaborative divorce: Collaborative divorce is different from divorce mediation in that instead of one mediator helping you through the process, you also receive assistance from other outside parties, including accountants, psychologists, financial analysts, attorneys, and more.

Why settle a divorce outside of court?

There are a number of reasons to settle a divorce outside of court, including:

  • Control over the situation: When a divorce occurs through trial, a judge is given the right to make decisions. Mediation and collaborative divorce leave these decisions in the hands of the couple, who know best how the outcome will affect their family.
  • Confidentiality: These processes are strictly confidential. Matters that are settled outside of the court cannot become public record.
  • Speed: Depending on the couple, the process may last only a few sessions. This is usually dependent upon how many unresolved issues there are to address.
  • Cost: Divorce through litigation is often expensive not only for the couple but for the state as well.
  • Choice: These choices are voluntary processes, which often means more open communication and cooperation. 
  • Family: Divorce trials are often difficult and hostile situations, while alternative methods allow for a more healthy conversation. This is especially beneficial for parents with children.

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