What Is The Average Cost Of Divorce In Massachusetts?

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Divorce is often a difficult and tumultuous time in a person’s life, and the financial aspect of the process can cause additional stress. Many spouses who consider divorce also wonder how much the entire process will cost them. Of course, divorce takes a huge emotional cost on a spouse, but there are legal expenses involved too. Read this blog or speak with one of our Divorce Options Lawyers in Mansfield, MA today to learn more!


The average cost of a divorce in Massachusetts is around $12,000, but this number can vary greatly depending on the circumstances of the divorce. In general, uncontested divorces are much less expensive than contested divorces, which normally include litigation. If you have to battle your spouse in court, you’ll have much higher fees than someone who is in agreement with their spouse about divorce decisions. All divorces are required to pay fees for filing the divorce papers, hiring a process server to serve their spouse the divorce papers, appearing in at least one court hearing, and finalizing the divorce. This could cost a few hundred dollars. In other words, even if you are representing yourself in an uncontested divorce, which is the cheapest option for a Massachusetts divorce, you’ll still be required to pay a few hundred dollars.


There are many circumstances that could affect how much money your divorce costs. One of the biggest factors is whether or not you decide to hire a divorce attorney. The average cost of a divorce lawyer in Massachusetts is between $250 and $300 per hour. So the more prolonged your divorce is, the more expenses you’ll need to pay. Contested divorces usually take a great deal of time because the spouses need to present their legal arguments in front of a judge who makes the final decision. Meanwhile, uncontested divorces can be much more easily filed by both spouses, and the spouses can mutually agree on a settlement themselves, sometimes through mediation. Yet, mediation can be costly sometimes too because you’ll need to hire a mediator by the hour, and you’ll likely still need to pay for a divorce attorney to finalize the settlement agreement.

The more complicated your divorce is, the more prolonged and therefore more expensive the divorce will be. Factors that can make a divorce more difficult include children, marital property, joint businesses, and more. Divorce costs truly vary from couple to couple.

Even though divorce attorneys may be expensive, they are still beneficial if you need a professional on your side to help you secure the future you desire. Are you looking for a talented divorce attorney to fight for your best interests? The Law Offices of Cynthia L. Hanley is here for you! Contact us today for individualized legal counseling.