Who resolves marital issues during the divorce process?

The divorce process involves many other decisions that need to be made besides the initial decision to get a divorce. During this process, marital issues will be talked about at great lengths. All factors that affect these issues should be taken into consideration. If couples are entering into mediation, they can talk about their issues in a private setting. They will meet with a mediator who will encourage them to cooperate with one another. They can try to make compromises for their marital issues. If they are unable to do this during mediation, they may have to have their issues resolved in court. They can enter into litigation where a judge will make decisions for them. A judge will take into account all the factors that can affect their marital issues in order to make a fair decision in the end. This can take some time as each spouse will want to present their case on each issue.

What qualifies as a marital issue?

Marital issues involve decisions for child custody arrangements, alimony, child support, the division of assets and more. These issues will need to be resolved before an official divorce is granted. They can be resolved in mediation or in court. Custody arrangements will need to be presented in order to facilitate co-parenting as they spouses will no longer live together. Support payments may have to be established for the children and also for a spouse who may be deemed as a dependent. Marital assets of the couple will need to be split in a fair and just manner to decide who is given what items. Although this is intended to be fair, it does not split assets down the middle. Marital issues can be a sensitive topic for some spouses since it can involve money and also their relationship with their children. At this time, it is important to have these issues resolved in order to proceed with the divorce. However, if circumstances change, these issues can be revisited in the future. This may be able to accommodate a new arrangement for a spouse in need. It may also be able to better fit a child’s life as they grow up.

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