How do I Obtain Parenting Time During the Holidays in Massachusetts?

With the holiday season approaching, it is an important time to revisit your parenting plan. All parents like to spend the holiday season with their children. However, this can be difficult for divorced parents, as they may not have certain dates included in their agreement, such as holidays.. If a parent wants to spend a specific holiday with their child that is not designated in the agreement, there are steps that can be taken. Continue reading below and contact an experienced Massachusetts family law attorney.

What do I do if a Holiday is Not in my Custody Agreement?

When a parent wants to spend a holiday with their child and it is not in the agreement they have with the co-parent, a good place to start is by talking about it with them. Sometimes, they may be willing to swap this parenting time on the holiday for another day. However, if this does not work, it is possible to have the agreement modified. This can be done by petitioning the court for a post-judgment modification. This allows changes to be made to the agreement as long as there has been a change in circumstances that calls for it, allowing the parenting time on a certain date, such as a holiday.

What Else is Included in a Parenting Time Plan?

There are several other terms that can be included within a parenting plan when it is created. This can include the following:

  • A designation of physical and legal custody
  • A description of the parenting arrangement
  • A description of any changes that may occur in the arrangement as well as methods to modify the plan
  • A statement delegating any parental responsibilities and rights
  • Transportation concerns to bring the child to and from each parent
  • Any concerns regarding birthdays and holidays
  • Provisions regarding traveling out of the state or country
  • A description of access to and sharing school and medical records

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