What do I Need to Know About Massachusetts Divorce Mediation?

When spouses in Massachusetts file for divorce, it is important to know they are not required to complete the process through litigation. In fact, there are other alternatives available to them that exist outside the courtroom. This can include mediation. Continue reading below to learn more and contact a Massachusetts divorce attorney for assistance with your divorce.

What is Mediation?

There are some divorces where spouses can work together to reach conclusions regarding their marital issues. In these situations, the spouses may benefit participating in mediation. This process allows spouses to engage in negotiations with the guidance of an unbiased third-party mediator. During this time, they discuss matters such as child custody, child support, the division of assets, and alimony. It is important to be aware that spouses in these situations make their own decisions. The mediator simply provides assistance, they do not make decisions on their behalf.

What are the Benefits of Mediation?

The following are various benefits of divorcing through mediation in Massachusetts:

  • Control: Spouses make their own decisions in mediation, a judge nor the mediator does so for them.
  • Confidentiality: The information shared in mediation cannot be discussed with anyone or be used against either spouse.
  • Speed: The length of mediation takes only as long as couples need to settle their marital issues.
  • Cost: Mediation is more cost-effective than going through a trial.
  • Choice: Mediation is a voluntary process and spouses can choose to stop at any time.
  • Family: Mediation promotes healthy conversations, which can benefit any couple that has family involved.

How Does Mediation End?

Once spouses reach agreements regarding the terms of their marital issues, the mediator can draft a Memorandum of Understanding, detailing these decisions. This document will then be given to the attorneys of both spouses so a Matrimonial Settlement Agreement can be created. Once this is signed by all parties involved, the couple can go to court as an uncontested divorce and have it finalized by a judge.

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