How Much Will a Divorce Cost Me?

How Expensive is Divorce?

Its nearly impossible to place a price tag on a divorce. All marriages are different, and some marital issues can be more complex than others which creates different circumstances. When a divorce is in motion, there are a number of factors that may contribute to its costs. For example, a contested divorce may cost more than a uncontested divorce because it requires more negotiation between the parties and the attorneys. It may also require more time in the court room. Litigated divorces are often pricier than mediated divorces or divorces that undergo another alternative method to litigated divorces.

Economically Friendly Alternatives to Litigated Divorces

If a divorcing couple wants to reduce costs of their divorce, they may be interested in researching alternative resolution divorce processes. These types of divorce can include mediation and collaborative divorce. Both of these methods aim to help couples resolve their issues in non-confrontational environments. Divorcing couples who can discuss their problems and marital issues in a reinforcing environment can cut attorney’s fees and court costs.

Do I Need an Attorney for my Divorce?

You are not legally required to have an attorney represent you in your divorce. However, divorces are complicated and can include complex issues. The more contentious couples are, the more reason they may need an attorney o represent them. An attorney has the legal experience and knowledge to help through those complex matters. Hiring an attorney can also offer extra protection to make sure you are not being taken advantage of.

Making the decision to divorce can be very difficult and extremely emotional.  If you decide to file for a divorce, you may want to consult with a divorce attorney who can advise you of your rights in the divorce and help guide you through the process.

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