Modifying Child Custody in Massachusetts

One of the most emotional parts of any divorce is when the couple has to address is child custody. Of course, the original child custody agreement is made based on the current circumstances that the parents are faced with at the time it is created. That being said, neither the parents or the court can predict the future. At some point down the road, the original child custody arrangement may no longer be practical or work for one or both of the parties.

In the state of Massachusetts, eligible parents do have the opportunity to modify their child custody order. This is also the case for making modifications to a parenting time order. In Massachusetts, these modifications can be requested as long as the parent who wishes to make changes can prove the following factors:

  • That there has been a significant change in circumstances since the time that the original order was issued
  • That the current arrangement is no longer serving the best interests of the child or children

Child custody often needs to be modified when a parent becomes ill, loses or changes their job, has to relocate, among many other things. It is essential that changes are only made with the permission of the court. If you need assistance making modifications to a court order, contact our firm today.

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