Do mediators make decisions during sessions?

Divorce mediation is a useful way for spouses to decide on marital issues together. During this process, they will meet with a neutral third party that serves as a mediator. This mediator does not make decisions for the couple. The mediator is simply there to just mediate the situation. They are not involved in the decision-making. Instead, they make sure the process is going smoothly. They are able to track if the process is making progress or if mediation may not work for the couple. In court, judges make decisions. Mediation does not operate the same way.

What benefits are there to mediation?

There can be many benefits to going through the divorce mediation process rather than entering into litigation. Couples are able to have input on decisions for marital issues. This may cause them to be more satisfied with the solutions for these issues. Since they are involved in the decision-making process, they have more power in the situation. During mediation, they may be able to save time and money as well. Mediation can take as long as couples need. This may prove to be shorter than the amount of time that litigation can take. Court can often be time-consuming. In mediation, couples may be able to work together to come to decisions quicker. Since this can save time, it can also save money that they spend on their legal fees.

Mediation encourages spouses to work together. This can be useful if they have to co-parent children together. Upon deciding on child custody arrangements, they will have to fix their schedules around their children. This is easier if they are on the same side, working for the good of their children. If they are cooperating with one another and treating each other with respect, it can set a good example for the children. This good example can show the children to be nice to one another. It also may help the child experience less emotional stress due to the divorce and the changes they are experiencing as a result of it. Divorce mediation can be used by couples to create a better outcome for their family. Although this process requires the cooperation of both parties, it can be beneficial in the end.

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