What does it mean if my divorce is contested?

Divorces are notoriously complicated, emotional, and difficult matters because they require a couple that has been together through significant life experiences to go their separate ways. In the act of going their separate ways and ending their marriage once and for all, it is very likely that they will have at least a few disagreements. The couple has to address matters related to how their assets and debts will be divided, whether one spouse will be obligated to make spousal support payments to the other, and if they have children together, they will have to address custody, child support, and visitation.

When the couple makes the decision to have a “no-fault” divorce, meaning that they are citing irreconcilable differences as their grounds, the divorce is considered contested when they cannot agree on the issues at hand. Many times, the court will refer the couple to alternative dispute resolution to see whether they can resolve contested matters that way. However, if they cannot agree to terms outside of court, they may have to turn to litigation and have a judge make decisions on their behalf.

Litigated divorces require the couple to go through the discovery process and a trial. When the trial is done, the judge can pass down a Judgment of Divorce.

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