Mansfield Divorce Lawyer Discusses Canceling a Child Support Order

Mansfield Divorce Lawyer Discusses Canceling a Child Support Order


17 years ago, I¬†started a child support order for my child, because the mother didn’t want me to see them anymore. I was told at the time by the MA¬†court that they had never seen a noncustodial parent initiate child support.¬†¬†If a mother starts the child support, she has the right to request through the court to terminate the order. ¬†So since I started the order, can I do the same thing? And, does it matter if my order doesn’t have an end date?


As an experienced Divorce Lawyer, I often handle these types of child support matters.  Whether or not a noncustodial parent can terminate child support depends upon whether the child is emancipated, not who initiated the original child support case. Emancipation of a child depends on whether or not they are in high school/college, the age of the child and whether or not the child is principally dependent upon the custodial parent.

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