Making a Plan For Parenting Time in the Wake of the Coronavirus

There is nothing more important to divorced parents than their children. That is why in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is essential for parents to develop a parenting time schedule to prepare for the weeks and months to come as soon as they can. In many cases, this will not take very long, especially if you and your spouse are capable of having open and honest communication with one another. However, on the other hand, in certain circumstances, you may require an experienced Massachusetts mediator, or even have to go in front of a judge immediately to ensure your time with your children is protected. Please continue reading to learn about some of the many steps you can take to create a temporary parenting time plan to prepare for the new coronavirus.

  • Plan for the worst–nobody wants to catch this virus, though even worse than catching it is spreading it to your children. That is why you should establish plans regarding where your child will stay, where you will be quarantined, etc. should you or your former spouse catch COVID-19.
  • Decide on places where you and your child can, or cannot travel, based on areas that are infected, etc.
  • Stay educated: Understand the symptoms of the new coronavirus, such as a runny nose, dry cough, fever, or pneumonia. If you feel any of these things, it is best you take all the necessary precautions to ensure you do not spread it to your child.
  • Hire an experienced mediator who can help you and your spouse agree on temporary terms of child custody. Mediators are unbiased third-parties, and their primary goal is to work towards a smart, common-sense outcome that both you and your ex can agree with. An outcome that, perhaps most importantly, will ultimately be in the best interest of your child. We can help you do just that.

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