How long does divorce mediation take?

Now more than ever, couples are choosing to get divorced by a process that is known as mediation. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that allows the couple to make decisions for themselves and truly take the divorce into their own hands. Due to the fact that mediation is somewhat of an up and coming method of divorce, many people still have questions about how exactly the process works. One of the most frequently asked questions about mediation is how long it takes.

Mediation can be completed in however much time the couple needs. If the couple can resolve all of their contested matters within just a few sessions, it can be over with very quickly. In other cases, the couple may need to take some more time to work through their issues. Regardless, for the most part, mediation is quicker than a litigated divorce because the couple can schedule these sessions on their own time and they don’t need to wait for a court date or anything else that might delay the process.

Mediation is basically a customizable divorce, as opposed to litigation, where the court will decide on matters on the couple’s behalf.

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