Handling Child Custody Agreements on Halloween in Massachusetts

One of the most difficult parts of a divorce when the spouses are parents is moving forward with raising their children. Every parent likes to spend the holidays with their children, but the matter can be more complicated for divorced parents. After the divorce takes place, a parenting time agreement is often made to outline how the two plan to raise their children together. This usually entails which holidays each parent gets to spend with their child. This can include Halloween. Continue reading below to learn more about how to handle these matters and contact an experienced Massachusetts family law attorney for guidance.

Tips for Sharing Custody on Halloween

The holiday season allows for parents to make memories with their children. This can include dressing them up and trick-or-treating year after year on Halloween. However, not all divorced parents are able to agree regarding how to spend this holiday. In the event of this, it is important to know there are alternative ways to settle the matter that can work for both parents. This can include the following tips:

  • Sharing the night. Sometimes, parents are able to share Halloween so they can both be involved. This may be done by splitting the night into shifts or putting their differences aside to spend the night together with their child.
  • Other Halloween events. The days and weeks leading up to Halloween often see a variety of themed activities that families can participate in when they do have parenting time. This can include events such as pumpkin patches, early trick-or-treating, fall activities, etc.
  • Alternate years. Not all parents are able to split the night of Halloween with a co-parent. In the event of this, it may work better to alternate their years. Instead, they can switch on and off every year so both parents can have this experience with their child. 
  • Adult parties. Many adults dress up and participate in Halloween as well as children. Oftentimes, these celebrations include alcohol. It is important to be cautious of behavior and posting on social media during this time as it can possibly harm a custody agreement. 

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