Grounds for Divorce in Massachusetts

Divorce is often a very emotional and difficult period in one’s life if it is something they are faced with. There are many different reasons that a couple may choose to end their marriage. Sometimes there is one particular event that causes the couple to want a divorce and in other situations, it may be because the relationship just weakened over time and is no longer working. When a couple starts the divorce process, they will have to cite grounds for divorce. This is simply the reasoning why the individual filing or the couple is getting divorced. There are several options that a couple can choose from. However, today, most people cite “no-fault” instead of one of the other fault grounds.

For those who do wish to cite fault grounds for divorce, there are seven different options. These include:

  • Desertion
  • Cruel and abusive treatment
  • Adultery
  • Impotence
  • Gross and confirmed habits of intoxication or substance abuse
  • Imprisonment for 5 years or more

Sometimes, citing grounds for divorce can cause more legal troubles than they are really worth. In fact, they often don’t change the outcome of certain aspects of divorce such as division of assets or spousal support. However, they may impact matters related to any children the couple has. For this reason, most people find it easier to cite “no-fault,” which is basically just saying that there are irreconcilable differences and divorce is the best option. If you need legal assistance in divorce, contact our firm today.

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