Does child support pay for extracurricular activities?

Payment for Extracurricular Activities

The payment for extracurricular activities is generally agreed upon by both the parties. Both parents really do have the best interest for their children at heart and they know what’s important to the child. If it’s a sport or activity that the child really enjoys, they can generally work that out. This is put into the agreement: that the extracurricular activity will be shared by both the parties. An additional provision may be included in the agreement suggesting that the extracurricular activity has to be agreed upon by the parents in writing prior to either party committing to the expense.

If the matter is contested, meaning one parent wants the other party to pay the extracurricular activity and the other party does not want to pay the extracurricular activity, then they go to the judge.  The judge will look at the relative incomes of both parties, at how long the child has been participating in that activity, how important it is to the child to continue to participate in that activity and what the reasons are for the objecting party to stop paying for the extracurricular activity.