Divorce Mediation Process

Divorce Mediation Process

  • Divorce mediation is gaining popularity, and it has certainly become more common in recent years in the State of Massachusetts
  • Mediation is suitable for some cases, but certainly not all cases
  • Advantages of mediation are that you do not need to go to court, which allows for more open and friendly discussions
  • The terms that you agree to are in your complete control, rather than a judge being in control of your terms
  • It is much more cost-effective to mediate than going to court
  • Disadvantages of a mediation is the possibility of the spouse that was in less control during the marriage coming to an overall loss
  • The weaker party may agree to something that is not in their best interest, and their mediator is not allowed to give legal advice on the matter
  • The court has to determine that the agreement is fair and reasonable