What are Some Common Parenting Time Issues in Massachusetts?

There are unavoidable conflicts that can arise when two parents have to share custody of their child. Keep reading to learn about the two most common parenting time issues and what you can do about them. Contact our experienced Massachusetts family law attorneys today to discuss your options and obtain a dedicated lawyer on your side.

What are the two most common parenting time issues for parents who are sharing custody?

There are several ways in which issues between two parents sharing custody of their child can arise. The two most common ways are as follows:

1. If one parent denies the other parent access to the child.

This is one of the most common custody issues that occur between two parents sharing custody of their child. Even if there are custody arrangements in place, parents have still been seen deviating from them and denying the other parent access to their child.

The most common instances of this might include a parent canceling visitation or cutting time short with the kids. Parents also may put the blame for their behavior on their child, by stating that the child is the one that does not want to see the other parent.

If you are in the unfortunate situation of being denied access to your child, document every detail of what is occurring. You also may need to appear in court to ask for enforcement to see your child. Do not hesitate to contact our firm today to retain the services of our dedicated legal team. Our attorneys will always put you and your child’s best interests first.

2. If one parent does not show up for parenting time.

Sometimes, parents who have shared custody do not actually want to have time with their child, but would rather just have the pleasure of “winning” the custody battle. In these circumstances, that parent can be found not showing up for child custody or visitation time, which can burden the other parent by forcing them to make last-minute childcare arrangements, miss work, or cancel plans.

If you are a parent that has had problems relying on your child’s other parent to show up for their parenting time or to attend their visitation time, it is critical to document each cancellation and then contact an experienced family law attorney to represent you. It is also important to note that the court may be able to modify your custody arrangement to match the irregularity of your child’s other parent’s visitation schedule.

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