Most Common Family Law Issues Over the Holidays

The holiday season is often complicated. It can be a wonderful time for families, and it can also be a difficult one. It is normal to struggle over the holidays. Read on to learn about the most common family law issues people grapple with during the holiday season.

Rushed Proposals

Many couples get engaged during the holidays. In fact, Christmas Day is the most common day for proposals to occur. But, if you rush into a proposal, you may be skipping some important steps. For example, you may want to create a prenuptial agreement. It can cause some controversy if you propose to your significant other and then realize you want to create a prenup.

Delayed Divorces

While the holidays are known for engagements, they are also a popular time for divorces. Many couples who wish to get divorced will put off their divorce until after the holidays. Often, this is done for the sake of the children. But, putting on a brave face can take a toll. If you are struggling with an impending divorce, there are resources to turn to.


Custody is a popular issue during the holidays.

Shared Custody: Because the holidays are such a family-oriented time, it can be difficult for divorced couples with children. Often, both parents want to spend every moment of the holidays with their children, so how do you handle shared custody over the holidays?

Changing Agreements: Sometimes, a divorced couple will find that their current custody arrangement does not work, and they wish to change it in time for the holiday season.

Visitation Rights: Many people wonder about visitation rights during the holidays. For example, what visitation rights do grandparents have?

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