When Can I Stop Paying Child Support in Massachusetts?

When a couple with children decides to get divorced, there are a lot of different matters they will have to discuss. Some of the most important matters are that of child custody and child support. Both parents have a responsibility to financially support their children, so the non-custodial parent will usually pay child support. Read on to learn more about child support payments in Massachusetts.

How is Child Support Determined?

Several issues are factored in when calculating the terms of your child support. Some of these  are as follows:

  • Number of children
  • Cost of childcare
  • Child-related expenses
  • Sources of incomes
  • Custody arrangement
  • Cost of health insurance for the child
  • Earning capacity of each party

If any of these factors change, child support payments may need to be modified.

When Can I Stop Paying Child Support?

Child support is paid to the custodial parent from the non-custodial parent. This is because the custodial parent has physical custody of the child, meaning they will reside with them in their home and spend more time with this parent. Because of this, the custodial parent typically spends more money caring for the child. Child support payments may end when a child reaches the age of emancipation. In the state of Massachusetts, the age of emancipation is 18 years old.

Because all children and families are different, each child support case is handled on a case by case basis. Because of this, support payments do not always end at the emancipation age. If a child wishes to attend a higher education system, the non-custodial parent may still be required to make payments after the child reaches 18 years old. When this happens, the payments may continue until the age of 23, or when the child graduates. This helps provide for the child while they are continuing their education and cannot yet support themselves. However, if a parent believes that a child is independent and can provide for themselves, they can file a motion to emancipate the child. When a child is deemed emancipated, it may end child support payments.

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