How Can I Share Child Custody on Thanksgiving?

The first Thanksgiving after a divorce can be difficult. After all, it is a very family-oriented holiday, one that often has longstanding traditions. It is only natural to wish to spend the holiday with your children. When it comes to celebrating what we are grateful for, family is usually high up on that list. So how do you handle shared custody on Thanksgiving? Read on to learn about some of the options divorced couples have when it comes to shared custody this Thanksgiving.

Alternate Years

When it comes to holidays, most divorced couples choose to alternate. This is a fair way to split up the holidays with little room for misunderstanding. Taking turns is usually a good way to handle issues of custody.

Split the Day

Some parents choose to split the day. For example, one spouse may spend the morning with the kids, watching the parade, and the other might enjoy dinner with the kids. This can be a good way for both parties to share the day with their children.

Festive Activities

You don’t have to celebrate Thanksgiving to show your children that you are grateful for them. If your ex has the kids on Thanksgiving this year, try celebrating in your own way. Bake a pie, create handmade cards to send to friends and family, make hand turkeys. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the spirit of the holiday.

Change the Date

If your ex has the children on Thanksgiving, host your own dinner the day before or after. All you need to celebrate is good food and close friends and family, which can happen any night of the year.

Spend it Together

Some divorced couples choose to put their differences aside and spend the holidays together. But, this is not a good option for everyone, for the obvious reasons. If you think this is an option that may work well for you and your family, discuss it with your ex.


It is important to be surrounded by the important people in your life on Thanksgiving. If you are not able to spend it with your children, try hosting or attending a Friendsgiving celebration.

If you have any questions about shared custody and the best way to split up the holidays, reach out to our firm to discuss your options.

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