Can My Child Tell the Judge His/Her Preference Regarding a Custody Agreement?

There are few things more important to a parent than the well-being of their child. That said, often, when parents get divorced, matters concerning child custody are almost always at the forefront. Parents often wonder how courts decide on matters concerning child custody. Additionally, parents often wonder whether their child can express their preference to the judge regarding a custody decision. Please continue reading and reach out to our seasoned Mansfield child custody attorneys to learn more about whether a judge will consider a child’s preference in a custody matter and how our legal team can help protect your child at all costs. Here are some of the questions you may have:

Can a child tell a judge their preference regarding a child custody agreement?

Courts will consider a variety of factors when determining a child custody agreement, the most important thing is the child’s best interests. If a court determines that it would be in a child’s best interests for the child to primarily reside with one parent, it will do so. Just some of the factors courts will consider when determining a child custody agreement here in the state of Massachusetts are as follows:

  • Whether each parent can provide financially for the child
  • The bond the child shares with each parent
  • The impact the decision would have on a child’s social life
  • Whether any parent poses a risk or threat to the child in any way
  • The geographic proximity of each parent to one another
  • Any other factor that may affect the child’s best interests

That said, though a child under the age of 18 cannot outright choose which parent to live with, if the child is deemed old or mature enough, the judge can take the child’s preference into account. Therefore, though your child’s preference certainly is not the end-all-be-all, it may be considered if the court considers your child mature enough to have a rational opinion.

Do I need an attorney?

You do. Only an attorney can effectively advocate for your interests and ensure your child’s well-being is looked out for at every turn. Our legal team has decades of experience fighting for people just like you, and we are here to do everything in our power to get you the outcome you deserve and need. Give us a call today or contact us online so we can get started working for you.