Can Fathers Win Primary Custody Of Their Children? | Bristol County Lawyer

fathers with primary custody of child

In the past, it was extremely common for mothers to win primary or even full custody of their children due to sexist beliefs that women are naturally better caretakers than men. Thankfully, the times have changed, and most courts now lean towards joint custody arrangements between two parents. However, many fathers wonder if they are able to get primary custody of their children, or if this concept is still unheard of. To learn more about child custody arrangements in Massachusetts, read this blog or contact one of our Child Custody Lawyers in Mansfield, MA today.


Yes, it is entirely possible for fathers to get primary custody of their children. Massachusetts courts now view parental responsibilities as gender-neutral, and final custody arrangements are always based on the best interests of the child. That being said, most custody arrangements lean more towards joint or shared custody between both parents rather than one parent winning primary custody. This is because most courts agree that in the majority of cases, the child benefits from spending equal time with both parents. There are still various factors that must be considered, such as which parent bears the most caretaking responsibility, which parent the child has been mostly residing with, and each parent’s mental health and moral fitness.


Generally, one parent wins primary or full custody if the other parent is proven to be unfit to care for their child. For example, if it’s proven in court that a mother is abusive, an alcoholic, or unable to provide basic necessities for the child, then the father would likely win full custody, with perhaps the mother earning visitation rights. So, if you want to win full custody because you believe your co-parent is an unsuitable parent for your child, you should immediately contact a child custody lawyer to help you build your case. Your attorney can help you gather the evidence you need to prove in court that only you can provide sufficient care for your child. If you’re a father, you might also want to show that you are actively involved in your children’s lives. You can do this by signing up as a class parent or perhaps coaching your child’s sports team. This will showcase that you are interested in being an active parent, so you’ll have a higher chance of winning primary custody.

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