Can I change an alimony structure?

When a couple divorces, they may need to address the topic of alimony. While some can agree to terms outside of court, others need a judge to decide the matter. Whether through an agreement or an order, the amount of alimony and duration of the obligation should be established. Once this is finalized, it is important that the paying party follow the order or agreement. Ignoring or violating a court order can lead to further legal problems. In order to change the alimony structure, the paying party will have to consider his or her options.

One option is to work cooperatively with the dependent party, convincing him or her to take less money. While there are some exceptions, this option is probably not an easy feat to accomplish.

The alternative is for the paying spouse to request a post-judgment modification through the court. To convince a judge that a request for modification is appropriate, the paying spouse must provide evidence that they are experiencing a significant and permanent change in circumstance. Some of the many reasons a person may have such a change include a change in income, an illness that makes it impossible to keep up on said payments, and/or a change in the financial situation of the dependent spouse. Though it seems straightforward, the legal standard is quite high. Convincing a court to grant a such a request demands the services of an experienced attorney.

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