What can cause a change to custody arrangements?

Children that are involved in custody arrangements may experience a change in behavior due to their new situation. During this time, it is important to monitor children to ensure that they are coping with the divorce of their parents. Parents may be able to ease the process by maintaining a healthy working relationship with their former spouse to put the children’s needs first. If custody arrangements are made in a way that grant children time with both their parents, this can be beneficial. However, if a parent sees that a child is acting differently than they normally do, they may wish to address this.

If your child has started to act aggressively or display negative behavior and you believe it is caused by their time with their other parent, then you may file a motion with the court. This can open a new case to decide if the arrangement should be changed. If your spouse is not following the arrangement that was originally made, you can also file a motion to bring them to court. This can either lead to a change in the agreement or force them to follow this court-mandated agreement.

Can modifications be made to other marital issues?

When deciding upon marital issues, judges and spouses can only consider the current factors that affect the situation. Since they are unable to foresee what will happen in the future, there is room to change and modify the agreements that are made about marital issues. These issues may include child custody arrangements, child support and alimony. Child custody arrangements need to focus on the child’s needs. As their needs change, their arrangement may need to be modified. If child support is proving to be insufficient or the child is no longer in need of it, this may be changed as well or even stopped altogether. Alimony is another marital issue that can be monitored if changes are needed. Alimony can be affected by many factors. These factors can include death, unemployment, remarriage and more. Due to the changing lives of the divorced individuals, marital issues may need to be changed to keep up with these changes.

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