Bristol County Divorce Lawyer Explains If you are Required to Advise Your Ex of a Salary Change

Bristol County Divorce Lawyer Explains If you are Required to Advise Your Ex of a Salary Change


I pay my ex-wife $2440 a month. That was calculated 8 years ago. She has never filed for a modification. I do make a little more money per year now, but not as much as she thinks. Perhaps $15k a year more. I also heard the laws changed since 2008 and the amounts went down slightly. My question is, if my ex-wife asks me how much money I make now, am I supposed to tell her? Or can I ignore it until she files for a modification of support?


As an experienced Bristol County Divorce Lawyer, I often handle matters of Alimony and Spousal Maintenance.  You only need to tell her if a court order required it or if your divorce agreement states so. Otherwise, you can wait until she files for her modification.

Have you earned more money since your divorce settlement, and worried you may have to pay more in Alimony?  Contact our Bristol County Divorce Lawyer for guidance.

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